Safety & Health Plans

he safety and health plan is initiated by the (PSDP) Project Supervisor for the Design Process. It contains information in relation to the project including:

1. A general description of the project;

2. Any other work activities taking place on site;

3. Work involving particular risks;

4. The timescale for the project and the basis on which the time frame was  established;

5. Conclusions drawn by designers and the PSDP having carried out design risk assessments and any existing Safety and Health Plan or Safety File;

The location of electricity water and sewage connections so as to facilitate early establishment of welfare facilities.

At this stage it is known as the Preliminary safety and Health Plan, It is the clients duty to ensure that every person tendering for the role of (PSCS) Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage gets a copy of the plan.

At appointment, is the duty of the PSCS to further develop and flesh out the safety and health plan into a working safety manual for the specific project before work commences.