Method Statements

A method statement, sometimes referred to as a safe work method statement or SWMS or a safe work procedure, is a part of a workplace safety plan It is predominately used in construction to describe a document that gives specific instructions on how to safely perform a work related task, or operate a piece of plant or equipment. In many countries it is law to have work method statements, or similar, in place to advise employees and contractors on how to perform work related tasks safely.

The statement is generally used as part of a safety induction and then referred to as required throughout a workplace, they should outline all the hazards that are likely to be encountered when undertaking a task or process and provide detailed guidance on how to carry out the task safely.

Over at our sister site we have created a user friendly engine to guide you on the process

How the Method Statement Creator Works.

Creating is simple: Just follow the prompts and we will email you the finished document in pdf format and the good news is that this service is free to use. So go create !

Your first document can take anything from 10 – 20 minutes to complete but documents are automatically saved to your account. These saved documents are then used as templates going forward which will greatly reduce the time to as little as 5 minutes.

To save you time we also have pre-loaded templates just click on the Template’s & Saved Work in the main menu of the website

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