Guide to putting together A Simple Method Statement

Over at we have put together A quick guide to create a Simple Method Statement

We have put this guide together to show users how to create a Simple Method Statement in six simple steps.

We also have a 28 second instructional video at the bottom.

Step 1

Enter information about the contractor and client,

Start & Finish date.

One or two sentences about the works

Upload a picture (Not Mandatory)


Step 2

List the personnel involved in the works

Materials Required

Storage arrangements

Welfare Requirements

Sequence of Operations (Step by step)


Step 3

Tick the training required boxes

PPE Required

Select the applicable work hazards

Select Tools & Equipment

Select Plant & Equipment

Step 4

Select Equipment to be used for Work at Height (if applicable)

Select Hazardous Substances (if applicable)

Name the Hazardous Substance, a blank risk assessment section will be created later for this

Step 5

Review the Risk Assessments, a generic list is created change them to suit your works


Step 6

Enter the details of the hazardous substance and controls to be put in place

Upload a company logo (Not Mandatory)

Complete the Capcha Verification





Completed method statement delivered by email in a few minutes


Create a Method Statement Here

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