Gas weldling made safe by SafeFlame

Gas torches normally use acetylene, propane or other highly-flammable gas which is potentially dangerous while brazing. SafeFlame is a project funded by the European Union which strongly reduces the probability of gas ignition.

where water is separated on its compartments (hydrogen and oxygen) by applying strong electric current to it. Both gases are then forwarded to nozzles where the ignition initiates the process of brazing.
According to the official website, SafeFlame technology comprises three separate features which together represent a major advance in the industry.


The device is based on water electrolyses. This is a process

  1. The oxygen and hydrogen are generated separately, and their mixture is controlled to deliver a precise stoichiometric, oxidising or reducing flame – an innovation offering unique benefits in brazing applications.
  2. The length of the flame and the heat flux imparted to the work piece can be adjusted instantaneously by adjusting the power input to the electrolyser stack – this provides a more flexible and user friendly solution.
  3. The SafeFlame approach eliminates the need for any stored gases, removing explosion hazards and improving process portability.



Development of such device was inspired by lots of accidents that occur in European Union each year because of bottled welding gases. When a cylindrical gas bottle explodes it is defragmented to pieces and may fly up to 220 yards like a rocket. So you have fire and explosion, and in addition to that – shrapnel could destroy a lot of objects inside the facility the bottle used to be.

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