What are Method Statements?

The METHOD STATEMENT which is used in construction describes a document that gives specific instructions on how to safely perform a work related task

  • They outline a safe method of completing work for a specific job.
  • They provide an induction document that workers must read and understand before starting the job.
  • They assist in meeting legal responsibilities for the risk management process, hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control.
  • They assist in effectively coordinating the work, the materials required, the time required and the people involved to achieve a safe and efficient outcome.
  • They are a quality assurance tool.

Method Statement Template

METHOD STATEMENTS must be prepared in consultation with those people who will be doing the job. This will give a more complete insight into the various steps involved in the job and the associated hazards. They will also encourage ownership and commitment to the safe working methods by those doing the job.

METHOD STATEMENTS should be produced on the organisation’s letterhead or contain the organisations identification logo and address.

Ideally METHOD STATEMENTS should contain the following details: –
– A description of the work to be undertaken
– The hazards associated with the work
– The step by step sequence of completing the work
– The potential hazards associated with each step of the work
– The safety controls that will be used in controlling the hazards
– Precautions that will be taken to protect health and safety
– The names and ideally the qualifications of people who will be undertaking the work
– A description of training required by the people doing the work
– Identification of plant and equipment required on Site to complete the work
– Identify the potential dangers and list the steps taken to eliminate those dangers


There is no one Method Statement covers all works solution as each workplace will have specific standards and hazards associated with that particular working environment.


Southsafe Training & Consultancy can produce Method Statements on request.

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