Auxiliary Reversing Devices

Construction regulations have changed since 30th November 2012. The below is taken from the HSA website

Reversing Camera
Auxiliary Reversing Devices


1.     What changes does the Amendment make?

The key changes to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006 are:

·         Regulation 87 – substituting paragraph (1)(e) with “are provided with appropriate devices that, where the visibility of any operator is restricted, such devices remedy the hazards arising from inadequate direct vision”

·         Schedule 6 – removing the list of ‘reversing and visual aids’ i.e. the right hand column is removed

2.     What are the requirements now for plant and machinery used in construction?

The amendment makes changes to the Construction Regulations in regards to Auxiliary devices (flashing beacons, reversing alarms etc) on plant and machinery. The regulations no longer list the specific devices that must be in place. The regulations take a less prescriptive approach and require the machinery to have “appropriate devices”.

The amendment does not add any additional requirements than were already imposed by the previous regulations.

Appropriate devices will be determined by risk assessment in conjunction with the manufacturer’s instructions and the relevant European Standard.

The devices listed in the original Schedule 6 would meet the requirements for ‘appropriate devices’.

3.     When does the Amendment come into effect?

The Amendment has an immediate effective date (30th November 2012).

4.    Why have the Regulations been changed?

The Regulations are being changed to ensure that the requirements of the Construction Regulations do not conflict with those of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EEC.


The changes can be downloaded here from the Health & Safety Authority’s website, or here S.I. No. 504 of 2006

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