Winner Free Safe Pass 6th October 2012

K, so Folks.

I have the list here of people who likes and Commented on the post, as per earlier post this is how i will pick the winner: name is counted as 9 points, this is then added up and divided by the total number of comments minus one, whatever the remainder is from the sum will be the winning comment. Eg: 15 comments @ 9 points each = 135 divide by 14  = 9 and 9 remainder. so the winner in this instance will be comment number nine on the list with 1 being counted as the first comment.

So its 16 comments multiplied by 9 = 144 divide by 16(-1) = 9 and a remainder of 9…… Number nine on the List is Mary Foley

  1. Walter Power
  2. Allabout Dungarvan
  3. Declan Power
  4. Lisa McGrath
  5. Anthony Leahy
  6. Micheal Dalton
  7. Declan Fitzgerald
  8. Stephen Walsh
  9. Mary Foley
  10. Nora Fitzgerald
  11. Déaglán Moloney
  12. Karen de Paor
  13. Gary Walsh
  14. Jamie Power
  15. Rosaire Palliser
  16. Andrea Leahy

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