Facebook Competition Terms and Conditions

Every so often we will be giving away free goodies on Facebook, these will include free spaces on our courses or free services.

Southsafe Safety & Consultancy Facebook page can be found here http://www.facebook.com/Southsafe, Just like our page to receive regular entries.

T&C’s as follows.

  1. To enter you must post you name in the comments section of the post, You must also share the post. failure to do this will result in elimination.
  2. You can only enter each competition once, multiple comments will result in elimination.
  3. The date is non transferable, if for some reason the course fails to run (Error on our side) then the date is transferred to the next public course.
  4. The names are transferable, if you are unable to attend the course you can nominate someone in your place.
  5. Winners will be notified two days before the start date on the post, the winners name will be entered in the comments section of the post ans notified by Facebook messenger.
  6. You must respond to accept you place and/or nominate another person by 6:00 PM before the day before the course.
  7. Winning entry into the course does not automatically ensure certification. You must attend the course and pass any assessment as set out by course governing bodies.
  8. Prize includes: Place on course, all Books, Handouts, Course materials & Certification costs. Allz you gotz to do is turn up 😀
  9. Lunch is not included.
  10. There is no cash alternative.
  11. To aid transparency and honesty the winner will be selected by mathematical formula: Each comment/name is counted as 9 points, this is then added up and divided by the total number of comments minus one, whatever the remainder is from the sum will be the winning comment. Eg: 15 comments @ 9 points each = 135 divide by 14  = 9 and 9 remainder. so the winner in this instance will be comment number nine on the list with 1 being counted as the first comment.
  12. The Judges decision if final – We are only human and intend to make every effort to do the calculations correctly and honestly, but in the event that we do make a mistake in the calculations the person that will be picked (Mistake or not) is the official winner.

Best of luck

Please Note: For the first competition Safe Pass 6th October, we are just going on the folks that liked, commented and shared the competition post.


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