European Good Practice awards

As part of its European Campaign for Safety and Health at Work, which for 2012/13 focuses on the theme of “Working Together for Risk Prevention”, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work makes Good Practice Awards to businesses and organisations that devise innovative, practical solutions to workplace safety and health problems.

The Good Practice Awards Competition is an effective method to promote and encourage practical solutions in workplaces, and to share this good practice. Every workplace is different, so good practice must be adapted to different situations. However, ideas and methods can be used across sectors and Europe, regardless of the type and size of organisation.

In the past, award-winning initiatives have ranged from devising a safer approach to scaffolding for the construction industry, to a scheme that reduces exposure to noise in nightclubs. The awards aim to demonstrate, by example, the benefits of following good safety and health practices to all European employers and workers, and to other key stakeholders providing assistance and information at workplace level.

What should an entry demonstrate?
Judges will be looking for examples of:
• genuine and eff ective leadership and worker participation that promotes the campaign theme of ‘Working together for risk prevention’;
• eff ective participation of the workforce and their representatives;
• full support of senior management;
• interventions aimed at the workplace;
• successful implementation;
• real and demonstrable improvements in safety and health;
• account being taken of workforce diversity;
• sustainability over time;
• transferability to other workplaces (including those in other Member States and to small and medium-sized enterprises);
• timeliness (the intervention should be either recent or not widely publicised).
In addition, the intervention should meet the relevant legislative requirements
of the Member State in which it has been implemented and, ideally, exceed these
minimum standards.

If you would like to place an entry on behalf of your company you can find more information by clicking the link to the Health and Safety Authority’s webpage here

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