HSA calls for the the Irish healthcare sector to sumbit Case Studies

The below article is taken from the Health & Safety’s Authority’s website www.hsa.ie

The Irish healthcare sector is a significant employer, with around a tenth of the working population in Ireland employed in the sector. Workers employed in the healthcare sector deal with a wide range of work activities that can pose a threat to their health and safety. Reported data from employers indicate three main accident triggers involving employees:

  1. manual handling (which incorporates patient handling work activities);
  2. slips, trips and falls; and
  3. work related violence and aggression.

The Health and Safety Authority is inviting the Irish healthcare sector to submit case studies in relation to these three work related accident triggers. The aim is for people within the sector to share their knowledge, practical experiences and insights, and illustrate that solutions do exist to these occupational health and safety challenges. The Authority plans to publish the case studies that illustrate the best solutions to health and safety challenges on the healthcare section of its website for all to view.

More information can be obtained from the Health & Safety’s Authority’s website www.hsa.ie or more specifically at the link here http://www.hsa.ie/eng/Your_Industry/Healthcare_Sector/Case_Studies/

Questions in Relation to the Healthcare Case Studies

What is a case study?
A case study is a real example which shows the steps that have been taken to solve an occupational health and safety problem. For example, it may be a campaign or activity that has taken place to promote occupational health and safety within healthcare or it may be a practical solution to an occupational health and safety problem within healthcare.
Is there an example of a case study?
An example of an Irish case study in relation to violence and aggression that was published by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work is available to view on the website.
Who is eligible to participate?
In order to obtain a broad range of case studies, participation is open to any employer or employee working in the Irish Healthcare sector. Small, medium and large enterprises are all encouraged to participate. Entries from care homes, dental practices, clinics, hospitals and general practitioner surgeries are all welcome.
The Aim
The aim is to provide the sector with an opportunity to share their experience and solutions with others in the sector. Although the cases studies may not directly translate to a different workplace, the concepts, techniques and ideas may be transferrable in context to other healthcare establishments.
How will the case studies be brought to the attention of the healthcare sector?
Case studies will be published on the healthcare section of the Health and Safety Authority’s website at www.hsa.ie.
What are the requirements for the case study?
The case study must:

  • Be innovative.
  • Be relevant to the healthcare sector and focus on employee safety, health and welfare.
  • Relate to the one of the three main accident triggers: manual handling (incorporating patient handling), slips, trips and falls or violence and aggression.
  •  Comply with or exceed any legal requirements.
  • Have the full support of senior management.
  • Demonstrate participation of management and employees.
  • Reduce the potential to cause harm to workers or other persons affected. For example, the case study may promote safety, health and welfare in the workplace, improve working conditions and / or reduce accidents.
  • Demonstrate the steps and / or methods that were taken to improve working conditions and / or reduce health and safety risks.
  • Identify the biggest challenges in implementing the solution, for example resources such as time or money and the critical success factors.
  • Preferably be documented in no more than 650 words.

A proforma which may be used to structure the case study is available on the website.
How do I submit the cases studies to the Health and Safety Authority?
Case studies can be forwarded by post to:
The Healthcare Section,
Health and Safety Authority,
The Metropolitan Building,
James Joyce Street,
Dublin 1.
or via email to healthcarecasestudies@hsa.ie
The closing date for submission of case studies is Monday 13th August 2012.


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