BeSMART – The HSA’s free online tool to help small businesses to create their own safety statement

To be compliant in Health & Safety legislation all employers must Risk Access any hazards in the workplace and complete a Safety Statement, this can be an expensive and  mind boggling task for already resource stretched business owners, so in an effort to make safety simple small business can now do their own Safety Statements and Risk Assessments using the Health & Safety Authority’s BeSMART on line tool.

The benefits to small business is that the process is simplified and cost effective and the real bonus is that also by doing their own risk assessment now employers and supervisors are more involved in the day to day safety of the business where the Safety Statement becomes a true working document and not something gathering dust on a shelf as I have seen so many of mine over the years 🙁

Fair play to all involved in the project.

The video below gives a general outline of the process and the  BeSMART link here will bring you to the HSA website to view the tool

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