QSCS Plant Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. What does QSCS stand for?

A. Quarries Skills Certification Scheme

2. Q. Why was it introduced?

A . To provide a system for training and assessing quarry workers of certain occupations  and provide them with a QSCS card and certification

3. Q. Who will need a QSCS card

A. A person undertaking quarry work, in any of the following occupations:

Schedule 1 of the Quarries Regulations 2008

(a) Slinging and signalling

(b) Telescopic handler operation

(c) Tractor and dozer operation

(d) Mobile crane operation

(e) Crawler crane operation

(f) Articulated dumper operation

(g) Site dumper operation

(h) 180° excavator operation

(i) Mini-digger operation

(j) 360° excavator operation

(k) Rigid dump truck operation

(l) Front end loader operation

(n) Shotfiring

(o) Explosives supervision

4. Q. Where does it say I need a QSCS card?

A. In the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Quarries) Regulations 2008 S.I. No 28

5. Q. From what date do I need to have a QSCS card?

A. From 1st November 2009

6. Q. Who is responsible for the Quarries Skills Certification Scheme?

A. FÁS Service to Business Department, Baggot St, Dublin

7. Q. What are the candidate requirements for a plant QSCS course?

A. At least 18 years of age, Minimum six months experience operating the specific item in a quarry and Safety Awareness training

8. Q. Where can I arrange to attend a QSCS course?

A. Any FÁS approved training organisation, listed on http://trs.fas.ie/

9. Q. Do I need a Safe pass card to attend a QSCS course?

A. No, but applicants must have received safety awareness training including: Hygiene, employee’s responsibilities, quarry traffic management and hazards.

10. Q. How much notice is do I need to give before attending a course?

A. A FÁS approved training organisation must give a minimum of seven days advance notice before a course takes place

11. Q. Can candidates for different categories of plant attend the same course?

A. No. Different categories of occupations cannot be mixed on a course

12. Q. How much does it cost?

A. Depending on the item of plant and the number attending. The training company set their known price

13. Q. Do I have to renew the QSCS card?

A. Yes, the card is valid for 5 years.

14. Q. If I have a UK CPCS plant card is this accepted as QSCS?

A. No, it is accepted in construction but not for quarrying

15. Q. I am working in a quarry, but doing construction work do I need a QSCS card or a CSCS card?

A. For all construction work you need a CSCS card regardless of location

16. Q. I am operating a telescopic handler in a block yard which is part of a quarry; do I need a QSCS card?

A. No, a block yard is classified as manufacturing and not quarry work

17. Q. I have a FAS CSCS card is this acceptable for quarry work?

A. No it must be a QSCS card.

18. Q. Can I change the CSCS card for a QSCS card?

A. You cannot change the card, but if you have a CSCS card and operate a 360 excavator, Articulated Dumper or Tractor Dozer you must complete the one- day experienced operator course. All other items included in CSCS require a half day theory input and theory test to gain a QSCS card.

19. Q. If I do not have the six months experience in quarry plant how do I get a QSCS card?

A. New entrants to quarry work who do not have the required six months experience, but require a QSCS card should complete the QSCS three day new entrant course. They must then complete a minimum of six months training under the supervision of an experienced operator before attending the one-day QSCS experienced operator course

20. Q. What is the minimum age for participating in a QSCS New Entrant Training Course?

A. The minimum age for new entrants is 17 years of age

21. Q. What is the minimum age for participating in a QSCS Experienced Operator one-day Training Course?

A. The minimum age for participants on the QSCS Experienced Operator one-day course is 18 years of age

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